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If one of your wishes are to become a member of our club VTR - YES - it's a great idea - that's for sure.
Then you'll get into a environment, to hang out with like-minded people who cares for animals - especially cats.
To become a member, the easiest way is to:

Write e-mail to: Add your profile to the mail - your phone number - home address -
e-mail address and some information about your self -
why you do want to join our club, and some about your previous membership to other clubs - if any.
Don't forget - some about your cat(s) too. Gender - breed and so on.

Annual fee has to be paid to Bank account 2630 33 20058 .
Rules of registration
You'll not be loged on as a member before registration fee has been paid.

As soon as payment have reached the bank account, you'll shortly after recieve a confirmation from treasurer -
and et voila - then you're a member of the club.

We all're looking forward to be seeing you at our club gatherings.
Join in !
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